Color Grading
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Editfx Studios has introduced the most advanced, professional and high quality grading services in “Baselight” in Eastern India.

Baselight delivers performance that exceeds anything else in the marketplace and Blackboard, the dedicated hardware control surface, is specifically designed for non-linear grading and simplifies the creation of complex grades and effects.

Colour grading is a demanding creative and technical process for any production—from commercials to feature film DI. For any finishing process including Red Dragon , Arri Alexa , Sony and various HD footages.


Editfx Studios is able to offer one of the most, professional and cost effective grading services to date. We use a DI grading system from Assimilate Inc called 'Scratch' which can grade footage in standard , high definition 2k as well as 6k for cinema release.

Our system can handle 2k to 6k footage with primary and secondary colour correction, power windows and all types of keys. Asssimate Scratch grades the footage in their highest quality, either on Red Camera files (R3D) in their native RAW format with full control over camera Metadata , Arri Raw , Sony MXF or as 10bit DPX sequences in a 32 bit floating point colour space. There is no other system that can work as quickly and effeciently when conforming and grading Red , Arri or Sony footages.