Sigma FF Cine lens series, a revolutionary lineup of lenses designed specifically for cinematographers and filmmakers seeking unparalleled optical performance. These lenses are crafted with precision and engineered to deliver exceptional image quality and versatility. The Sigma FF Cine lenses feature a full-frame sensor coverage, ensuring stunning image quality across a wide range of cameras. With a consistent T1.5 aperture throughout the series, filmmakers can achieve exquisite shallow depth of field and excellent low-light performance. The lenses are meticulously designed to minimize distortion and chromatic aberration, resulting in sharp, accurate, and high-resolution images. The FF Cine lenses also boast robust build quality, featuring a durable metal construction that can withstand the demands of professional production environments. Each lens in the series incorporates standardized gear positions and a 180-degree focus rotation, allowing for seamless integration into a variety of cine setups. Additionally, the FF Cine lenses offer advanced lens data system (LDS) compatibility; enabling precise metadata communication with compatible cameras for enhanced post-production workflows.