ANGENIEUX EZ-1 45 - 135 MM

The Angenieux EZ-1 45-135mm lens, a remarkable addition to the world of professional photography and filmmaking. This versatile lens offers a range of focal lengths, from a wide 45mm to a moderate 135mm, providing photographers and cinematographers with incredible flexibility in capturing their subjects. The Angenieux EZ-1 boasts exceptional optical performance, delivering stunning image quality with sharpness, contrast, and vibrant colors. Its unique feature lies in its interchangeable rear lens group, allowing users to switch between different image formats effortlessly. Whether shooting with Super 35mm or Full Frame cameras, the EZ-1 adapts seamlessly to deliver consistent image quality and coverage. The Angenieux EZ-1 45-135mm lens is the ultimate tool for creative individuals who demand versatility, precision, and uncompromising image quality in their visual storytelling.

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