Introducing the Cooke S7i lens series, a remarkable collection of lenses designed to elevate your cinematography to new heights. With their state-of-the-art optical technology, the Cooke S7i lenses deliver unparalleled image quality and precision. These prime lenses are renowned for their exquisite color rendition, capturing every detail with astonishing clarity and richness. The lenses are crafted with an innovative 14-blade iris, ensuring smooth and natural bokeh for a visually stunning cinematic experience. The Cooke S7i lenses also offer full- frame coverage, making them compatible with a wide range of camera systems, including the latest high-resolution digital sensors. With their compact and lightweight design, these lenses are perfect for on-location shoots and handheld setups. Additionally, the S7i lenses feature the renowned Cooke /i technology, providing valuable metadata for enhanced post-production workflows. This unique feature allows for precise lens data capture, including focus distance, iris settings, and zoom position, enabling seamless integration with virtual and augmented reality applications. In summary, the Cooke S7i lens series combines exceptional image quality, versatile full-frame coverage, and advanced metadata capabilities, making them the go-to choice for discerning filmmakers and cinematographers seeking unparalleled creative possibilities.

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