Introducing the Cooke S4i lens series, a pinnacle of optical excellence that has become a go-to choice for cinematographers worldwide. Renowned for their unparalleled image quality and precise craftsmanship, Cooke S4i lenses offer a range of features that elevate visual storytelling to new heights. These lenses also feature the patented Cooke /i Technology, which provides invaluable lens metadata for enhanced post-production workflows, allowing for seamless integration with digital systems. From blockbuster movies to high-end commercials, the Cooke S4i lenses have proven time and again to be a trusted choice for capturing breathtaking visuals. For those who seek uncompromising quality and artistic precision, the Cooke S4i lens series stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and expertise of Cooke Optics, setting a new standard for cinematography.

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